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Unconventional and Resourceful Learning,LLC
Tutoring and Parental Consulting Company with Aim To Empower, To See What Is Possible

"Every Mind is A Gift. Nurture it As Gifted" ( Chandra Budi, Ph.D)
It happens when we see learning from the place we called "ENOUGH"

URL Means Unconventional and Resourceful Learning. Learning ought to be unconventional-- it ought to cater to the individual needs of a student. I believe in holistic approach-- understanding and seeing each student according to his or her own cognitive and emotional needs. Resourceful means that as an educator, I am committed to provide necessary resources for the parents and the student for the best interest of the student. I provide the kind of tutoring service that suits my belief and teaching pedagogy. It is not just about doing homework with your child and it is certainly NOT about pointing of what is "lacking" with your child. I believe that the best learning happens when we focus on the strengths of an individual student and acknowledge the unique needs that each individual student has to offer. Furthermore, I believe in bringing in the parents to the learning process, communicating and updating them with the lessons, and empowering them with the best resources--working as a team. 

As much as I believe in the many educational theories and approaches, I believe that the most important factors still lay in the simple core of learning: consistency, practice, being able to accept mistakes, importance in thinking, focus, and discipline, and not least important, in being able to laugh and enjoy the moment.

What would my learning session look like? 

Small Size Class to maintain Quality and Relationship ( I expect a certain level of focus, discipline, respect, and manners)

Emphasizing Thinking to achieve Understanding 

Encouraging Laughs, Embracing Mistakes, and Having Fun during learning

Encouraging Constant and Continuous Conversation and Interaction

My Intentions for your Child are:

  • Emphasizing THINKING while learning. The action of "thinking" will develop a logical approach in the learning process
  • Emphasizing LOVE for mistakes that will happen and should happen and must be done throughout learning. Accepting and understanding mistakes build self- confidence and self-esteem; it eases off the burdens of " why can't I get it?"
  • Encouraging LAUGHTER. Having FUN during learning. Laughter and fun do not have to be distractions; they should be motivations.
  • Emphasizing the importance of RELATIONSHIPS between and within topics. When a student understands the connections between topics that he/she is learning, he/she will be empowered and has less tendency of thinking " This is hard!"

What would Moms and Dads experience from me?

A genuine and open conversation that benefits your child's learning experience

An impeccable quality of professionalism

My Intentions for you as Parents are:

I INVITE Parents to be the EXPERTS of the child's learning experience. This means understanding and accepting your child's strengths and weaknesses, and understanding your child's learning style. Those are important tools to guide your child in his or her learning process.

I ASSIST with providing "Know-How-To" Skills through conversation, verbally and in writing. Often times, Parents feel that they are "at a loss" and "take the blame." Often times,  the truth is that Parents are not equipped with "Know- How-To Skills". By understanding the fundamental element of a certain issue, we are enabling ourselves to find the best path to reach to the better circumstances.

I OFFER Parental Workshops to empower Parents with "Know-How-To" Skills; Resulting in a mindset shift where as a parent, you can now understand your child's learning development. You will no longer find yourself saying "My child is not good at…". You will soon be saying, thinking, and believing, "My child will be good at…if we do…"

"To You, It's just A Box...

But To The Mind Of A Child…"

"Learning is the only thing the

mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets" 

(Da Vinci)

"Cogito Ergo Sum" 

I think therefore I am (Descartes)